To be a leader in providing cutting - edge Healthcare Solutions in Africa.


To improve health and transform lives in Africa through providing innovative healthcare solutions.
Core values:
  • Quality
  • Caring
  • Innovation
  • High Performance
  • Global Collaboration
  • Diversity

Our Competitive Advantage.
  1. Our product prices are competitive giving you value for money. We represent several global companies with latest technologies.
  2. We have competent internationally trained, in-house equipment biomedical engineers who are able to respond to challenges at anytime.
  3. We provide high quality service at reasonable rates. We ensure that all consumers are protected from substandard and counterfeit medical products.
  4. Given that there is no “one size fits all” in healthcare delivery, we enjoy getting to know each client’s business so that we can provide personalized advice and attention.   Attention to detail is critical in health service delivery and we bring this skill to every client.

Our Structure

Our Structure

Our Team

We are a team of dreamers, the doers, and the donut-lovers