Engineering Division

We Design, Construct, Develop, Supply, Install, Test, Service, Commission and provide Maintenance of all Medical Equipment, Medical Gas System and Nurse Call System.
We carefully understanding the customers’ requirement with the latest technology in the areas of;

  1. Medical Gas and Supply Systems
  2. Modular Operation Theatres
  3. Incinerators Construction
  4. Laboratory Fittings
  5. Hospital Radiology Fittings
  6. Hospital Construction
  7. Infection Control Systems including Isolation Rooms
  8. Clean Room for Hospitals including IVF, Pharmacy Preparation Rooms
  9. Morgue/Mortuary Areas
  10. Speech/Non-speech IP Nurse Call and Patient Entertainment System
  11. Mobile and In-house Cold Rooms for Hospital and Storage

Medical Gases

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We represent a partner that pioneered manufacturing of on-site oxygen Production, distribution, monitoring and piping design solutions.
We distribute medical air, vacuum and oxygen production systems in full compliance with the most demanding worldwide standards (CE Medical, ISO 7396-1, NFPA 99, HTM 02-01).

These include;

Gas Production Systems (93% to 99.5% Purity):  compressed air systems, Oxygen Generators, Vacuum Systems, AGSS, Cylinder Filling Systems, Manifolds.

Gas Distribution Systems: AVSU, Primary and Second stage pressure reducers, Copper Pipes, Fittings and Valves, Ceiling Pendants, Bed Head Units, Terminal Units, Oxygen Therapy.
Gas Monitoring Systems: Real Time Web Monitoring, Oxygen Purity Monitoring, Central Supervision, Pollutant Monitoring, Flow Monitoring, Area Alarm Panels.

Our Proven engineering and consultancy expertise covers a wide range of services:
  1. Consultancy, design and project supervision.
  2. Piping network design (Drawings, equipment configuration including specifications and BOQs
  3. Installation, Testing, Start- up and Commissioning
  4. Training, technical support, maintenance and servicing

Theaters and ICU Units

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We construct theatres and fit them with ISO 13485 certified equipment including; Beds, Lights, scrub stations. We also construct and equip Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) complex machines and devices for the unique needs of tiny babies as well as HDU and ICU equipments and supplies
Pursuing technique innovation, pursuing remarkable quality and perfect service, pursuing customer satisfaction and the evergreen of the enterprise is our target.


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We pride ourselves on distribution of high quality cremation and incineration equipment. These machines are the most robust, reliable and thermally efficient incinerators available on the market today. They are CE Certified and compliant with the most up to date legislation.

Added value from our equipment
  • Industry leading fuel efficiency – proven to be up to 40% more fuel efficient.
  • Robust steel linings, fully seam welded – up to 10mm thick.
  • Hot hearth technology
  • Three layers of reliable refractory insulation.
  • Highly efficient, 220mm of refractory thickness.
  • Fully computational fluid modelled machines, thorough designed and tested.
  • Two-pack paint systems.
  • Plug and play control system.
  • Specifically designed impact loading zones.
  • Equipment that lasts, 3-4 times as long.
  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience - to ISO9001-2015.
  • 100% manufactured in the Great Britain, to the highest of standards.

These machines are compliant with;  ISO 9001-2015 compliant Quality Assurance System and CE including; BS E7N4 6-2:1997, 73/32/EEC Low voltage directive, 89/336/EEC EMC Compatibility Regulations and 89/392/EEC Machinery Directive.

Hospital Infrastructure

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In Collaboration with IKON, we implement worldwide projects in the system-oriented interior work. We plan, produce and install wall, ceiling and raised access floor systems for the following fields of application.

  • Industrial construction, general branches of production
  • GMP cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, cytostatics, healthcare, safety laboratories, supply industries, cosmetics, food industry
  • Medical industry and hospital construction

Fields of application in hospitals:
  • Completion of hospital interior
  • Operating rooms
  • Intensive-care medicine
  • Electromedicine
  • laboratories
  • pharmacies/cytostatics
  • X-ray protection
All our fittings are in line with ISO 9001-2008quality standards.

Moturary Cold Rooms, Freezers and Refrigerators

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Beside the management system certifications, such as ISO 9001 and 13485 (for medical devices), - certainly important and witnessing a production quality standard – what makes our products outstanding is the refined design, the use of top of the range components, the advanced electronic controllers.
Our cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers are stylish, complete, functional. You can tell at first sight.


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The philosophy behind the development of iCall, the Full IP nursecall system, was to have only one platform for all healthcare communications (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living). iCall is designed with 30 years of experience in nursecall. Every situation we faced during these 30 years became the basis of the development of a very smart nursecall system.